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Brian has been my guitar tutor over a couple of years. I have enjoyed learning to play different styles on both electric and acoustic guitar with Brian, this makes the lessons varied and keeps you interested when you are starting out. Learning to play through full songs with backing tracks has been an excellent way for me to learn to play guitar and has helped to improve my technique. Now with Covid-19 we have started using Skype online for the lessons. I have found the Skype lessons to be as good as face to face with the bonus that you are using your own familiar setup at home. Brian can supply the same quality of lessons online with all the encouragement and feedback you can only get from a tutor to help you improve. I can recommend online guitar lessons with Brian.

Stephen S

Brian has been my guitar tutor for the past 2 years, and, to say I am delighted with my progress is an understatement. My guitar playing has been transformed, playing many different styles, and, with a much greater knowledge of playing technique. Due to Covid-19 my lessons are through FaceTime, which I am delighted to say has been very successful and enjoyable. I can highly recommend Brian as a guitar tutor.

Susan Borland

I have taken face to face guitar lessons from Brian for a couple of years now and he has taken me from an absolute novice to where I would say close to intermediate now. He has great patience to help you learn at your own pace and before long has you playing full length songs. Since lockdown I take my lessons on-line using Facetime and they work great. In my opinion just as good as my face to face lessons.

Brian Cunningham helped me relearn guitar, revisit the music of the 1960s and made me remember what it was like to play music with others in a band. Our lessons continue as I strive to improve my playing. My published book "Stars Fell On Stockton" benefited significantly from his musical insights.

B Ashcroft

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