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How It Works

My lessons and students can be taught one to one in Prestwick or remotely online via
*Skype, *Facetime or *Google Meet.

Girl Playing Guitar
Man Playing Guitar

You can select from several flexible & affordable subscription plans. With up to 4 lessons per month to choose from you can either decide to take online guitar lessons or to attend my spacious custom tuition room in Prestwick.
The duration of each lesson is a substantial 30 to 45 minute slot and with the ease of selecting your own available days and times you are sure to find the perfect time to fit in this great hobby.

My remote online lessons plans are a more affordable and convenient way to learn. These are taught via video call using Skype, Facetime or Google Meet.
Students will also have access to their own lesson webpage where they will be able to download and view all their lesson material. These type of lessons are already enjoyed my some of my current students.

The in person class is a substantial 45 minute slot. Up to 4 lessons are available per month leaving you plenty of time for practising your guitar. My lessons are tailored to each individual student so you can be sure of professional personal tuition for all ages.

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